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It's finally here - KIKUSUI FUNAGUCHI NAMA GENSHU, the best selling cup-size sake in Japan, now available packed in a bottle, exclusively developed for the US market. The 300 ml, attractively designed bottle suits the foodservice and retail businesses alike, packing the same quality brew that's so popular in Japan.

KIKUSUI FUNAGUCHI NAMA GENSHU is the raw, non-heat pasteurized, and undiluted brew that pours out at first press. "Funaguchi" literally means "boat spout", which refers to the spout that the freshly pressed sake flows out of. To boot, it packs a whopping 19% alcohol level.
The Nama Genshu experience ( raw & undiluted sake ) was reserved to brewery visitors until 1972 when this product was launched in a 200ml aluminum can. FUNAGUCHI NAMA GENSHU was the answer to genshu sake fans seeking the same "nama-fresh flavor" that they can enjoy anytime, anywhere without having to travel to the brewery.

The KIKUSUI FUNAGUCHI ambrosia aroma of sweet rice is at a perfect balance with flavors of sugar candy and stewed pears. The lively-fresh character lends itself to suit a variety of foods, or by itself as a fine sipping Jizake.

Serve chilled at about 50 degress F, or over rocks. For a fun variation, pour into a mug and microwave 20 seconds to luke-warm, then gently slide an ice cube in the middle - DO NOT stir. Sip quietly to experience the two temperatures, as the flavor changes gradually along with the melting ice.

The Funaguchi series include 1.) the original Nama Genshu in the 200 ml golden aluminum can, 2.) the new 300 ml in the stylish dark bottle, and 3.) the gorgeously rich, Jukusei Funaguchi Kikusui Ichiban Shibori, the year aged Ginjo Nama Genshu,replica handbags in the red can.louis vuitton handbags
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