NEW ! ZESTY ! Yuzu-Kosho Sauce

YUZU-IT is NEW ! It’s taken the ever so popular Yuzu-Kosho flavoring and transformed it into an easy-to-use liquid form. YUZU-IT gives food a zesty, hot punch and a refreshing Yuzu accent. Yuzu-Kosho is a pricy condiment made of the aromatic zest of the Japanese Yuzu citrus fruit, combined with the peppery punch of green peppercorns, and salt.

Just a drop of YUZU-IT will liven up the flavors on a variety of foods, such as sushi and sashimi, udon and soba, tempura and yakitori, salad dressings and meats to nabe and many more. YUZU-IT mixes well with popular sauces such as mayonnaise, miso, ketchup and soy sauce, to create a surprisingly new flavor offering.

Made by Miyako Oriental Foods, known for their Yamajirushi and Cold Mountain Miso, YUZU-IT is in line with their all natural, MSG-preservative-additive free philosophy. YUZU-IT packs a concentrated flavor, at a reduced sodium content than other Yuzu-Kosho products.

Try the following easy prep, delicious sauce combinations:

Yuzu-It Ponzu
7 Tbs Yuzu-It
9 Tbs Ponzu Soy Sauce
**Great on sushi, sashimi, shabu shabu & more!

Yuzu-It Miso
7 Tbs Yuzu-It
7 Tbs Koji Miso
1 Tbs Sugar
1 TBS Yamajirushi Yuzu Seasoning
**Awesome as dipping sauce & BBQ marinade!

Yuzu-It Mayo
3 Tbs Yuzu-It
13 Tbs Mayonnaise
**Makes a yummy tartar sauce!

Yuzu-It Ketchup
7 Tbs Yuzu-It
9 Tbs Ketchup
**Add a kick to the usual cocktail sauce!

Yamajirushi YUZU-IT is available in convenient 5 fl oz bottles, and in 32 fl oz economy pack.

Yamajirushi Yuzu-It, #30266, 12/5 fl oz

Yamajirushi Yuzu-It, #30267, 12/32 fl oz

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